Joao Bocas

Joao Bocas

CEO and Digital Health Influencer, Digital Salutem

João is a Wearables Expert, Digital Health Influencer & Keynote Speaker.

His passion lies in helping others, sharing experiences, transferring knowledge, working collaboratively and passing on the latest innovation trends from the digital health world.

As a thought leader in wearables, IoT, digital health and healthcare, João explores the intersection of technology in modelling business models and shaping consumer behaviour . Also he analyses the impact of disruptive innovations and shares future trends in the marketplace. 

He possesses more than 20 years of hands-on experience in Professional Sport and Corporate environments working with senior management, Boards and executive teams. He has worked across Healthcare, Financial Services, Media, Sporting, Third and Public Sector organisations.

He was nominated a Finalist of the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards 2015 and he’s a proud board member of YMCA Brighton, a Charity organisation caring about community wellbeing.